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tv   News  ABC  August 4, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> 10 to 12 minutes late, the train. the beltway, doing okay. 695, northwest side , the outer loop traffic to the left of your screen , the roads are damp out there. on the outer loop, doing okay. we have a few problems that we are dealing with out there. jessup, 295, we have the right lane blocked. a car went off the road and hit a light pole. a sink hole, montgomery road between harmon, be careful. family members and friends members of a congregation, they all want to know who would murder a 91-year-old woman. police want to know the same thing. sherrie johnson is live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police have no motive or suspects or no idea who would have wanted to kill irene logan. the 91 year-old woman was found
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stabbed to death. church members gathered to comfort the family. the daughter said she came home around 4:30 p.m. and found her mother dead. logan was home alone during the day, first floor bedroom ransacked but her daughter didn't see signs of a forced entry. police searched for clues, evidence, looking for finger prints and family members tried to come to terms with the loss. >> she is going to be missed. i miss her so much. >> detectives would not say whether or not logan was killed during a robbery. now that investigation continues. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused a tour bus to flip over on a highway
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in new york. more than a dozen people were hurt. the bus was heading from niagara falls to new jersey when it crashed. it was filled with more than 2 dozen polish tourists. most considered to be minor. a female passenger was trapped under a bus for an hour. she had the most serious injuries. police in columbus released this video of failed robbery attempt. police say this man, griffin, came in to a store with a gun and demanded money. she shot at least 8 times at the plexiglass window. it didn't shatter. he used the gun to pash the barrier in -- bash the barrier in. but the glass broke and cut his hand. police found him with bloody hands wondering on the same street as the store he tried to rob. front man for the mda telethon will not take part in a fundraiser. reps for jerry lewis say he is
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out for the event. in may the comedian did announce he would not host the annual labor day telethon, he said he would continue as chair and make this year the last year as host. he hosted the fundraiser for 45 years. lewis will not be replaced in the role as national chairman other celebrities will step in to help host. wildwet in florida has some people running for cover. others, reach for cameras. the funnel clouds caught on camera. how much trouble it caused. an application for everything. how a man was reunited with his stolen iphone, we will explain.
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good morning maryland. heat last week attributed to the deaths of 11 people in the state. raises the total to 21. according to published report,
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those who died had underlying health conditions. temperatures reached 101 friday at bwi and higher temperature the week before. the high death toll prompted the health department to study how many victims knew of underlying health problems in the first place. this is cool. you may have seen it before. it's from the reporter in florida. he said he thought this was a water spout. he grabbed his camera, turned out it was not. it was a funnel cloud. he says he didn't know and doesn't know if that cloud made contact with the ground. he thought it would be cool video to show. minimal damage but a dozen homes that were affected by that particular storm. that was southeast coast of florida near the broward county, near lauderdale. they may deal from a brush from this storm. it's got general circulation,
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picking up rain on the edge of the puerto rican radar. we don't have a radar image to show you. this storm is going to be a problem for two fronts. it's going to pass over haiti which is dealing with impacts of the earthquake two years ago. 50 miles per hour winds, not the issue. 6 miles per hour. long duration of rain means up to 20 inches for the mountainous regions. storm over bahamas, florida, could have tropical storm forced winds. turns in to the hurricane and away from us. we have rain to deal with this morning and drizzle making the roads wet. let's check the latest on the traffic. trying to dry out. we have earlier accidents, but we are wrapping those up. let's look 95 north of i-195. no problems to report. traffic now is running southbound to the left of your screen. northbound on the right, your
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lanes are open. energy road work, 40 west, the left turn lane is closed there. jessup, accident in the cleanup stages, 295 southbound, the right lane is blocked after a car went off the road. also a large sink hole, in montgomery, between harmon avenue and landing road. be careful. use route 100 as your alternate. a man went to the gym, back to his locker, finds his cell phone and several other items stolen. turns out, there is an application for that. a gps tracking application was activated on his phone so he could follow the thief everywhere. he followed the crook on the web until he stopped at the library and decided he had to get his phone back. >> i set the alarm off on the phone. i told my friend, they surrounded him. >> the thief was homeless and the man who had his phone
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disturbing base of animal cruelty, it involve as cat. linda so is here to tell us what this man is accused of doing. >> the man adopted a cat from the maryland spca and later returned the cat, dead.
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he tried to adopt another one. e than philip faces animal cruelty charges. he is from new york and lived in baltimore for a short time. workers say in march he came to the shelter and adopted a cat. a few days later came back with the cat dead and asked to adopt another one. sheller employees said there was trauma to the cat. they looked in to whether he adopted and abused other cats. he goes to trial in a couple of months. linda so, abc the news. a georgia law school graduate accused of killing and dismembering a girl. steven mcdaniels charged with the murder of laura giddings. she was seen after a night out with friends in june. police discovered her torso in plastic in the trash bin be side her apartment building. mcdaniel h's been in jail for a
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month for a unrelated burglary charge. a oklahoma woman is the niece of a famous hijacker. db cooper. mar la is from oklahoma city and tells abc news, she believes her uncle len doyle cooper parachuted from the plane with $200,000 never caught. she says that she was only 8 years old at the time but recalls her uncle saying her money troubles are over. she talked about the night he heard her dad and uncle talking about the money. >> i asked what happened. i heard my uncle said we did it. our money problems are over. we've hijacked an airplane. >> fbi says the agency is following a credible lead to a new suspect who died ten years ago but say if the tip could be chased to marla cooper. healthy die set expensive
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$2000 or more, they couldn't pay it. aaa recommends driving the speed limit and avoiding acceleration to avoid burning fuel. saving you money at the pump and reducing the risk of pricey traffic tickets and costly accidents, too. great news for students in arundel county. one extra day of sum evasion. the 12 schools will be delayed until august 24th. the majority of the schools will start on the 23rd. we have a list, head to baltimore city starts on the 289th and county starts on the 30th. time to go back too school shopping. if you want, you can wait a deal on clothing and shoes. tax free maryland day is coming from august 14th through the 20th. waiving sales tax for clothing and shoes priced lower than
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$100 a piece. if you can hold off, you can get money at least get a little more for your money with tax free maryland day. >> first mayoral candidate forum. baltimore's mayor and candidates are vieing to take place at 2:00 at an event organized by the forum. held at the headquarters of the national federation of the blind in baltimore. it's going to focus on disability issues and include broader questions from the audience. tiger woods will return to competitive golf. it's happening today's. he played a 9-hole practice round on tuesday. declared himself pain free. woods hasn't played in a tournament since may and sidelined with knee injuries as well as heel injuries. how is it looking? how is the weather looking out
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there? >> a damp start to the morning. temperatures down in the 60s. we are still running well above that pace, we had a temperature during the afternoon yesterday near normal. we start to climb back up. records on this date, 5, 1966, you have to go back too 1930, still the decade with the most records, we have been challengeing that lately at 101, we are under the influence of a cool upper level pattern. this is blocking across the knot atlantic and help to regenerate the storm system, south across the area. also big storms across the midwest, south. area of low pressure rs sliding across the chesapeake. that's responsible for the wind. morning showers, drizzle, fog, try to break things out a little bit. under the influence of a cool pattern, which means it's going to be self destructing. as soon as we get sun out , the
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sun cooks the air and warms up and rises, and in to the cool environment, redevelop clouds. we could have showers trying to be developed during the afternoon. as we check out the radar highlight flair up of showers and storms in the southern chesapeake and southeast virginia, watches showers forming in the west side of the chesapeake bay. we get tin influence of dry air working in during the day on friday and we are under at least a threat of clouds and showers as we head in to the weekend. overall, day, partly to mostly cloudy after the drizzle and fog. breaks of sun, clouds will fill back in. we will range in the upper 80s. depending on how much sun we get. we could stay on the lower edge of the 2-degree guarantee. the airport misses the rain, they will warm up. 72 degrees, showers and storms possible this evening and overnight. we check out the extended forecast. notice we dry out a little bit,
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a fair amount of clouds trying to linger. partly sunny on friday, 89. mid-80s saturday. scattered showers thursday. monday, thankfully for the forecast, that's all we got for that digit category, we should be back in to the 80s, showers will linger in to the middle of next week. we have emergency road work, sink hole and accidents. none of them are on route 50. if you are traveling from annapolis, no problems to report. westbound on coming no problems eastbound. emergency road work on 40 west. accident windsor mill at forest park. jessup, accident been there for a while. 295 southbound. the right lane is blocked after a car went off the road.
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montgomery, harmon and landing road. be careful there. use 100. coming up, finding a job is difficult in this economy. the fcc wants to help. what is happening today that could give thousands of people a place to work. we will explain. they seen a place a few hundred people say they have ever gone. catch the crew of the space shuttle atlantis. -- space shuttle endeavour. good morning maryland will be right back. om nratocar.u toecnivoidotaluial i
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preliminary hearing, a bomb plot. a man was a wall and planned to detonate explosives at a restaurant frequented by personnel. warren jeffs, one and only defense witness will continue on the witness stand. jeffs is accused of a sexual assault of two girls, 15 and 12 years old. a dna lab testified there was a
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99% chance that the man fathered a child with his 16- year-old wife. jobs for america, the new coalition of forward looking businesses committed to creating thousands of jobs in the united states. broadband allows regions and communities to complete attracting new firms. investments and jobs with the next generation communications infrastructure. members will discuss mission for the international space station. the crew will be at johns hopkins homewood campus from 6:30 until 9:30 tonight. they will give a video presentation of the mission in an answer, questions from the audience. barack obama turns 50 today. spending the morning working in the oval office in the afternoon. he will be hosted by staff and this evening going to celebrate with family and friends at the white house.
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three minutes away from 6:00 now. extreme heat over the last two months is taking a toll, especially on athletes. help the young ones stay safe and healthy. the president will be on the road this week. he is addressing the unemployment rate. we will tell you coming up. and a lot of fun to play. video games can have a negative effect on your health. you are watching good morning maryland. thank you for waking up with us.
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